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How to Enhance Retouching in Photoshop

jewelry after retouch

Changing images with different techniques, making it more beautiful is called image retouching or enhancing. Retouching means making necessary changes and making the image more attractive. As a professional retoucher, we use Photoshop to edit images and retouch jewelry photos. Today I am going to describe the steps that I prefer to enhance a jewelry in Photoshop.

Why we need to Enhance Jewelry Photo

Researchers have found that emotional attachment to a product helps client to purchase a product. So When selling jewelry, an emotional touch to your jewelry photo can really increase your cell. It is very important as people tend to relate to jewelry with respect to personality and passion. So to find these emotional reflections in the images, we need to retouch the jewelry photos to make it more attractive, relatable.

Step to Step guide to enhance a Ring image

Today I am going to show how to enhance a ring image in Photoshop. There are some basic step by step process to enhance this image with Photoshop. Photoshop has some very famous tools to do things that I want. So let’s start looking into steps:

Step 01: Changing Background

First I am going to change the background of the image. The real background is blue which looks ugly. This step is very common in all of our work. Jewelry like rings looks better when the background is white.

So in this process I am going to cut the metal stone jewelry from the original image using clipping path. I will use the Polygonal Lasso tool cut the ring out of the background by first selecting it and then pressing Ctrl + J on the keyboard.

Step 02: Removing the Dust

As you can see majority of the ring image is metal. Metal sometimes has dust that you cannot see in naked eye. So we are going to zoom in the metal portion and cut out dust and spots from the metal part. There are lots of ways to do this.

But I like the Spot Healing Brush Tool very much. This tool looks outside the brushwork and automatically analyzes the shapes there. It then automatically figures out retouching colors and values for the photo. Another tool we use regularly is patch tool. By this, you can replace one area of a photo with other section from the photo. It’s very handy.

Step 03: Setting the Right Ambient of Colors

In the third stage of enhancing jewelry photo editing in Photoshop, I am going to set the distortions brought by ambiance light reflection. Colorful gems reflect colors like the one we have on top of the ring. So this has added some ambient lights to the photo. To remove this, I am going to use the Brush tool which eliminates bad reflections. Black reflections are also gone with the healing brush.

Step 04: Add Natural Shadow:

Sometimes shadows can add reality to photographs. To adding a natural shadow to make the ring 3D and realistic. I use this technique all the item to increase good look and acceptance of the jewelry. After all, the main purpose of the jewelry photo is to relate to the customer.

Step 05: Color Correction:

The combination of appropriate color is critical to jewelry photos. I use color correction as a process which can immediately improve the quality of the photo. I think it is the single most important step of jewelry retouching technique.

In the end, as a professional photo retoucher, I should say that mentioned steps are the main part of jewelry photo retouching. As the growing demand for the jewelry industry & online market, these steps will escalate your retouching. I hope this technique, will help beginners on their work in the jewelry photo retouching field.

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