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The fashion and jewelry industry especially concentrated on images and photos to attract consumers. Henceforth, glamorous images have become the main priority for marketing in today’s world. All that combined to produce astounding pictures and increase sells of the items.

Jewelry Photography, Editing, and Demands

The jewelry photography industry is versatile and dynamic. The jewelry industry including photography and editing has a glorious future. Yearly worldwide sales have risen to €148 billion. It is expected to increase to 6-7% each year if it goes at this pace resulting in €250 billion by 2020.

Jewelry Photography Tips

Jewelry Photography is harsh and critical when shooting. If the photos look bad, you have to do much post-processing. Then you have to spend more money and time on post-processing. It’s tough to come up with good photos only by photography.

However, there are some necessary common steps you can follow to enhance photography skill. Thus one can reduce the jewelry photography cost as well as produce enhance photos. The most basic setup suggested for this type of photography should allow anyone to achieve results they can be proud.

The fundamental feature for good jewelry photography is sharpness, lighting, exposure, and in the case of gemstone photography, adding some sparkle.  Best Jewelry photos have a sharp focus for the jewelry. During photography, one needs to turn the camera into focus mood. That means the camera will look at a wide area of a scene and base the focus on that area. By this one can easily control the camera focus more easily.

Another necessary thing for jewelry photography is a tripod. Its required to use a tripod when shooting jewelry photos. It helps to focus correctly. Another suggestion for good jewelry photography is to use appropriate lighting. Ordinarily, soft lighting works best for jewelry.

Jewelry Photo Editing

Jewelry editing is complex photo post-processing. We make modifications on jewelry photos for beautification; It’s called jewelry photo editing. The primary goal of jewelry photo editing is to perfect the picture and make it eye-catching. There is some impressing photo editing company who can offer to reduce the photography cost into half of the price while producing sharp and crystal clear photos. Such a company like “Color Clipping,” decreasing jewelry photo editing cost also has a unique feature of custom pricing.

There are few tricks in jewelry photo editing that can ease up the editing process as well as reduce the time of retouching. Below are some steps those you can follow in jewelry retouching.

Remove Background

First, change the background of the image. This technique is ubiquitous in photo editing and e-commerce industry. Jewelry like rings looks better when it’s background is white. You can use the pen tool for removing backgrounds from the photos.

Color Correction & Adjust Brightness

The combination of appropriate color is critical to jewelry photos. You use color correction as a process which can immediately improve the quality of the picture. My experience entails, the brightness setting has a significant impact on any image. Therefore, you can adjust the brightness easily with Photoshop.

Removing Dust & Scratches

No matter how hard you try to remove scratches and dust in Jewelry photos. When editing jewelry photos some techniques to get rid of dirt, fingerprints and other bad sectors. Spot Healing Brush Tool is the best for edit.

Adding Natural Shadow

Unwanted shadows sometimes ruin a photograph. Producing a natural shadow will make the jewelry realistic. This technique all the item to increase the visibility and acceptance of the jewelry.

To sum up, here I have discussed jewelry photography and editing that will reduce the cost to create sharp jewelry photos. It is worth saying that the booming in e-commerce sites are increasing the demand for beautiful and attracting pictures. However, if the cost rises only in photography will have a drawback impact on the business. So, assuming the price in photography, I suggest staying focus while photographing to get a sharp image as you can and for retouching get a quote from the color clipping, have your back in post-processing offering custom pricing- therefore you can your job not crossing your budget.

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